Games and sports are closely related to the life of students. It creates tremendous effect on the education of a student. So fulfilling all this demands NITER Games and Sports Club (NGSC) has been developed. It’s main object is to make a good atmosphere through which the students can show their performances and co-operate with their study. By arranging different tournament of indoor and outdoor games the students get a chance for refreshing themselves and also to show their ability in different aspect. This club will provide all necessary facilities related to sports and different tournament in time to time. Future plan of our Club:

1. Arranging indoor and outdoor tournament yearly.
2. Provide students with sports facilities.
3. Arranging intra-department and intra-batch tournament.
4. Participate in different leagues at University of Dhaka.
5. Arranging teacher-student friendship match.
6. Participate in different Local leagues and so on.

The activities of NGSC are supervised and governed by Ikramul Islam, Lecturer  of Textile Engineering Department with strong support from the Principal of  NITER, Professor Dr.Mohammed Mizanur Rahman.The other members of this club are:



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