Dear Students,
we are pleased to inform you that, beside the campus doctor, NITER has made a corporate agreement with nearby Enam Medical College Hospital. From now on, you can enjoy 30% discount on services there.

Procedure you need to follow:

  1. The Agreement DOES NOT COVER OUT DOOR TICKETS. The value of OUT DOOR TICKET is BDT 300 for first meet and BDT 200 for next meet within 28 days. On Friday, the ticket value may range up to BDT 500.
  2.  When you buy outdoor ticket or get admission there, please make sure that your address is shown as "NITER". It is essential for their documentation regarding discount on corporate agreement.
  3. Except OUT DOOR TICKETS, for all other services, you need to pay an initial amount (e.g. for medical tests, you need to deposit 50%).
  4. Finalize your bill after completing your business. The payment counter at main entrance generally finalizes the TOTAL BILL.
  5. Collect your identification letter from NITER.
    1. In most cases, your ID card + The Agreement Paper is enough for identification. You can use it anytime.
    2. Identification Letter is specially required for your family members.
  6. After finalizing the TOTAL BILL, meet Mr. Babul Rudra, Assistant Director (Room No: 106) or go to Room no: 111 and submit your bill with your IDENTIFICATION. We hope, your discount against corporate agreement will be marked here.
    1. If you feel any difficulties about your discount, contact Mr. Md. Ariful Haque (Faruq), Medical Promotion Officer, cell: 01716-358 146.
    2. If it does not solve, contact the person in NITER who looks after the Corporate Agreement.
  7. Now go to Room No: 215 to collect your discount token. Submit the token to any Payment Counter on that floor. You will get a new bill with necessary adjustment. You can pay the adjusted amount in that counter at the same time.


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