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Burhan Uddin Banna






Contact Information

Name of the Dept.

Textile Engineering (Wet Processing Engineering)




nitburhan@gmail.com, bubanna@niter.edu.bd


Academic Details

M.Sc. in Textile Engineering Bangladesh University of Textiles (Continued)

B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (Specialization in Wet Processing), University of Dhaka (NITER)

Employments History

Lecturer, Dept. of Textile Engineering (Wet Processing Engineering) at National Institute of Textile Engineering & Research (NITER) from April, 2017 to continue.

Executive Officer (Knit dyeing) at NR Group, Jamirdia Masterbari, Valuka, Mymensing.



2 months Industrial Training at Anwar Group, Hossain Dyeing & Printing Mills Ltd. Unit-II from March to April 2016.

15 days Training on Effective Teaching technique & Pedagogy at LCBS from 20 December, 2017 to 3 January, 2018.

1 month Training on Quality Control Department in Maksons Spinning Mills Ltd at January 2018.

2 months Training on Softline Laboratory in Intertek, ITS Labtest Bangladesh Ltd. from February 2018 to March 2018.



Awards & Recognition

Positioned 1st class 2nd in B.Sc. in Textile Engineering Examination-2015 from NITER under the University of Dhaka.

Got Scholarship in Class five & Class Eight.

Awarded 1st Place in NITER Mini Research Exhibition 2014.


Research Interest

Modern wet processing technology.

Denim Dyeing, Yarn Dyeing & Printing.

Waste Water Treatment Plant & Industrial Pollution.

Technical textiles



Mosquito repellent finishes on textile fabrics (woven & knit) by using different medicinal natural plants  (Mynul Islam Sajib, Burhan Uddin Banna, Rony Mia, Bulbul Ahmed, Rittick Chaki, Syed Samiul Alam, Md Abu Rasel, Md Tanjirul Islam); Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology, Volume 6 Issue 4 – 2020, Published: August 21, 2020,  DOI: 10.15406/jteft.2020.06.00246.

Effectiveness of dyeing with dye extracted from mango leaves on different fabrics by using various mordants (Burhan Uddin Banna, Rony Mia, Khaleda Sharmin Tanni, Nafisa Sultana, Al Mojnun Shamim, Rahat Khan Turzo, Foysal Khan Limon); North American Academic Research, October 2019 North 2(10):123-143, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3519880.

REUSE OF STANDING DYE BATH OF REACTIVE DYEING WITH NYLON & SILK  (Al Mojnun Shamim, Suraiya Sultana, Rony Mia, Md. Selim & Burhan Uddin Banna)  INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES & RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY, August 2019, International Journal of Engineering Science 8(8):45-50, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3365385.

NATURAL ADSORBENTS; AN ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTION FOR THE REMOVAL OF PH, TDS, DO, BOD & COLOR FROM THE TEXTILE EFFLUENT  (Md. Shak Sadi, Burhan Uddin Banna, Kazi Md Hasanul Haque , Md. Bright Bin Abdullah, Md. Mosfaqur Rahman Khan, Mohammad Saifur Rahman); lNTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES & RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY, August 2018, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1321638.

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