Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research commonly known as NITER is a constituent institute of the University of Dhaka. NITER is the first ever Public-Private Partnership (PPP) educational institute of our country running successfully under the prudent management of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA). This institute is now offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering (CSE). This program aims at providing both modern and practical education in CSE and preparing the students as groomed professionals to meet the ever growing demand of national and international ICT sector. At present students are using three highly modern equipped labs and modern technologies machineries for research purpose. NITER has two computer labs where students work with different types of software. Besides, communication and computer networks Lab has been set up for advanced level communication and networking tasks.

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Lab Facility

This lab is demonstrated for the Advanced level courses of CSE (Semester 5 to 8). Besides, this highly advanced (IOT, Networking Devices, Simulators) technological equipment's are available in this lab. Students are provided with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, LCD Color TV Trainer Board, Data communication board, DSS Transmitter and Receiver, 8086 microprocessor, 8051 microcontroller, Telecommunication, Peripheral and Interfacing, Computer networks, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers from this lab.

The theme of Physics is to understand the fundamental principles of nature, from elementary particles to the massive universe, and to predict phenomena that can be derived from fundamental principles. Physics laboratory in NITER is well equipped with machinery and equipment suitable to cover physics syllabus included for under graduate students.

8 high configured computers with all-time projector facilities are available in this air conditioned lab under close-circuit camera surveillance. Updated software’s in the application such as Smart Textile / E-Textile, Fashion Design, Garments and Weaving Technology are used to facilitate students with skilled boost-up.

Available Software’s Installed :

CodeBlocks, Notepad++, AutoCAD 2007, Solidworks 18, MATLAB 15, Adobe Photoshop 10, MS Office etc.

This laboratory is designed with 40 highly configured computers of modern technology with all-time projector facilities are available in this air conditioned lab, is under close circuit camera surveillance.  Updated software’s have a significant application in the area such as Smart Industrial and Production Design, Fashion Design, Garments AutoCAD etc.

Available Software’s Installed:

CodeBlocks, Notepad++, Lectra Modaris, CorelDraw, Bel Manager,  Adobe Photoshop CS 6,  MS Office  etc.

We designed this programming lab with some interesting idea of skill generation and information enhancement on the technical platform. All the basic programming software / compilers / editors have been added to this laboratory workshop. The journey of ability and skill begins here and enriches each of the students with a full range of technical sounds.

Available Software’s Installed:

CodeBlocks, Notepad++, NetBeans IDE, Eclipse, Visual Studio  10, Adobe Photoshop CS 6,  MS Office  etc.

We built this programming lab with some insightful insight into the development of knowledge and expertise on the technological web. Basic software / compilers / editors for programming have been introduced to this laboratory workspace. The journey of learning and experience starts here and enriches each student with a wide range of technical sounds