Language Club

NITER language club has offered language development and proficiency programs in the form of intensive courses in widely used international languages like English, Italian, German, Japanese etc. All courses are conducted by appropriately qualified and experienced instructors. The club aims to encourage and facilitate students’ learning of foreign languages and organize wide range of events and activities for the students.


o  To develop skills in different language

o  To make ourselves capable enough for higher studies

o  To build a sustainable future career

o  To increase confidence in communication


Language offers from NITER:

o  English, German, Italy, Japanese

o  NITER offer germen language course level A1, A2, B1 & B2 to prepare students for higher studies in germen speaking counties like Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. It facilitates them a very good hope to achieve scholarship pursuing M.Sc. & PhD program.

o  Different types of programs like as seminars, debate, etc. are also organized from this club.