NITER is the place of excellence gives more worth with the very facilities of two computer laboratories for the NITER graduate.

One is dedicated for the Textile department and the other is for IPE- Industrial Production Engineering dept. (newly started dept. from 2016-2017). Computer lab runs some crucial programs that enhance the skill of basic computer compatible with programming language(C, C++), various CAD program (garments CAD, weaving CAD, Lectra Modaris etc.) and Hardware program.

Computer Lab facilitates students with:

  • Each lab contains 35 computers with updated version of configuration.
  • Each and every students work with dedicated computer.
  • Programming languages(C, C++) and Hardware program are executed.
  • Textile softwares (Lectra Modaris,Garments and Weaving CAD etc) are executed.
  • The Wi-Fi network of NITER is a smart completion of NITER computer lab. The whole LAN of NITER, including the Wi-Fi zone of NITER are continuously monitoring by computer lab.
  • Multimedia projector for taking class lectures and DSLR is for capturing any academic necessities.
  • vailable for practicing Programming and different Textile design work
  • NITER has complete student information(Ongoing process of data update) prepared and maintained by computer lab.


NITER has been maintaining a firm commitment for providing best lab facilities to its students as well as testing services to its valued clients since its inception. The current lab setup includes the following:

Presently 2 types of  services are available in NITER

  • Regular Services usually take 6-7 working days after receipt of samples, subjects to the test required & volume of samples. Sub contract tests take 13-14 working days after receipt of samples.
  • Emergency Services are available for some tests at a surcharge of 50% & results are usually available within 72-96 hours after receipt of samples, subjects to the test required & volume of samples.

3 testing rooms:

  • Uster Room [Uster 4, Uster Classimat, Uster Auto Sorter]
  • Physical Room [Tensile & Tear Strength testing machine, Spectrophotometer, Lea strength Tester, Single Yarn Strength Tester, Trash Analyzer, Advance Fiber Information System (aQura), Tensomaxx, Seam Slippage Tester]
  • Chemical Room [Perspirometer, Gyrowash, Washing Machine, Microscope, Crockmeter]
  • Each Room is well equipped by modern & highly sophisticated testing machineries.
  • We have experienced, properly & well trained skill testing personnel who are able to show highest professionalism by performing tests & to provide accurate test reports as per SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • Mainly we are doing tests according to the international test method ISO (International Organization for Standardization).
  • We are also performing tests as per other international test methods such as AATCC, ASTM, BS, BSEN, and BSEN ISO as per buyer’s requests.
  • Fiber, Yarn, Fabric & Garments related tests are being performed here with proper care & method.
  • We are waiting for the certificate of accreditation from international body which will demonstrate NITER’s commitment to quality & to provide services that are fully compliant with international standards.
  • Sample received after 1:00 PM will be considered as submission of the next working day. Friday, Saturday & public holidays are not working days.
  • Cancellation of order is not acceptable if cancelled after twelve (12) hrs. of sample submission.
  • When an application requires several test items, the test report will not be issued until all tests are completed.
  • Tested samples will normally be retained for a maximum period of 02 months.
  • NITER reserves the right to change the conditions & testing fees without prior notice.
  • All payments must be paid in BDT before taking test reports.


This laboratory has been equipped with lab-scale versatile equipment for chemical processing of textile fabrics, yarns and fibers. Controlled experiments starting from preparatory processes, dyeing, printing and finishing including coating, can be performed in this laboratory. Wet processing laboratories are equipped with a wide range of dyeing, printing and finishing machines including Infrared dyeing machine, Package dyeing machine, High temperature dyeing machine, Soft flow Jet, Winch, Pressure Jig, Hank dyeing and Screen printing machine. In addition, various training programs including pretreatment, dyeing & finishing are conducted in this laboratory on regular basis.


Technology is changing swiftly. Once we used manual processes in Apparel Manufacturing which now have been replaced with modern technologies. New generation now uses customized software for Fashion Design, Virtual Modeling, Garments CAD for Pattern and Marker Development and Robotic Spreader and Cutter.

NITER Apparel Manufacturing Lab has been updated with latest technologies. It consists of the following two labs:

Garments Lab:

Contains all type of machineries except CAM.
Computer-Aided Design Lab:
Equipped with software starting from Fashion Design to Virtual Modeling, Pattern and Marker Development, Digitizer and Plotter.


This department consists of three laboratories to meet the demands of students from very beginning level to advanced level. The laboratories are Weaving Laboratory, Knitting Laboratory and Fabric Structure and Design Laboratory.

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