Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) is the national trade organization of Primary Textile Industry i.e. Yarn Manufacturing, Fabric Manufacturing and Dyeing-Printing-Finishing Industry of the country under private sector. BTMA was registered in 1983 with a view to promoting and protecting the trade, commerce and manufacturers of Bangladesh in general and of the textile related trade in particular.

The Association is run by a BOARD OF DIRECTORS of 27 members, headed by one President and 3 Vice-Presidents, who are elected through ballot/votes as per provisions of the Trade Organization Ordinance, 1961 and Rules made there by the Government of Bangladesh. The tenure of the Board of Directors is 2 years. The Association has a separate Secretariat to look after all Administrative activities and is headed by the Secretary General. He is assisted by a numbers of officers in the discharge of his duties.

Currently (year 2014) BTMA has a total of 1364 member industries as follows:

ü  Yarn Manufacturing Member Industry= 383

ü  Fabric Manufacturer Member Industry= 743

ü  Dyeing-Printing-Finishing Member Industry= 238

At present BTMA fulfills

ü  100 % of the domestic fabric and yarn requirement.

ü  50% of the cotton woven fabric requirement of export oriented garments sub-sector.

ü  Over 95% of the yarn and fabric requirement of export oriented knitwear sub-sector.

and over 4.00 million people are currently employed in this sector.

As an active and main organization of Bangladesh’s Textile Sector, BTMA has its own study on how to be more competitive in the world market and where our weakness lies. To develop engineers capable of leading the sector ahead, it took the operational management of NITER in 2009 under PPP and from that point, NITER, with the direct governance of BTMA, has changed a lot starting with the introduction of long course in Textile Education under the University of Dhaka. Please visit here for more about BTMA.

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