Prof. Dr.Mohammed Mizanur Rahman   Details

Ph.D (Japan), Humboldt (Germany) & JSPS (Japan) Fellow

Principal, National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER) 

Email: mizanur_rahman@niter.edu.bd , mizanur.rahman@du.ac.bd


Ismat Zerin
M. Sc. in Textile & Clothing Tech. (Technical University of Dresden,Germany)
B.Sc. in Textile Tech., (DU)

Assistant Professor, Textile Engineering(Wet Processing Engg.)
Email:ismat.zerin@niter.edu.bd ,ismat.zerin777@gmail.com


Dr.Muhammad Ahasan Habib
Ph.D (Japan), M. Engg. (BUET), B.Sc . Engg. (DUET)

Assistant Professor,Dept. of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE),
Email: palash350@yahoo.com ,habib.ipe@niter.edu.bd


Tarek  Md.  Anamul Haque
M.S. in Inorganic  Chemistry, University of Chittagong
B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry, University of Chittagong.

Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Cell: (+880)-1812 094 088
Email: tarek84@niter.edu.bd , ah.tarek84@yahoo.com


Sharmin  Atique
M.Sc. in Mathematics, Jahangirnagar  University.
B.Sc. in Mathematics, Jahangirnagar  University.

Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Email: munni_ju427@niter.edu.bd


Toufique Ahamed  Details
M.Sc. in Textile Engg. (BUTex)
B.Sc. in Textile  Engg. (BUTex)

On higher study leave at Ph.D. in Textile Engineering (Çukurova University, Turkey)

Assistant Professor, Textile Engineering(Fabric Manufacturing Engg. )
Cell: (+880)-1710-785325,
Email: atoufique@niter.edu.bd


Dr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
PhD, Interdisciplinary Engineering, (UAE)
MSc in in Materials Science and Engineering (UAE)

BSc in IPE, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Assistant Professor, Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE)
Cell: (+880)-1794061876


Sarif Ullah  Patwary
B.Sc. in Textile  Engg. (BUTex)
On Higher Study Leave, Kansas State University, USA

Lecturer, Textile Engineering
Cell: (+880)-1680 465 635
Email: patwarysarif@yahoo.com


Kamrun  Nahar
M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering(cont-BUET) 
B.Sc. in  Mechanical Engineering(RUET)

On Higher Study Leave, New York University , New York City, USA.

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Email: knahar07@niter.edu.bd,knahar07ruet@gmail.com


Fatema  Tuj Jahura
B.Sc. in Textile  Engg. (BUTex)

Lecturer, Textile Engineering(Wet Processing Engg.)
Email: fatematujjahura@niter.edu.bd


S. M. Ashique
B.Sc. in Textile  Engg. (BUTex)

Lecturer, Textile Engineering(Yarn Manufacturing Engg.)
Cell: (+880)-1851 137 997
Email: ashique33@niter.edu.bd,s.m.ashique33@gmail.com


Maeen Md. Khairul Akter Details
M.Sc. in Management of Technology (cont-BUET)
B.Sc.  in Textile  Engineering (BUTex)

Lecturer, Textile Engineering
Cell: (+880)-1780 369 736
Email: maeen_tex@niter.edu.bd


Mohammad Shahidul  Kader
M.Sc.  in Textile Engg. (cont-BUTex)
B.Sc. in  Textile Engg. (BUTex)
On Higher Study Leave , Auburn University,USA

Lecturer, Textile Engineering(Apparel Manufacturing Engg.)
Cell: (+880)-1914 306 690


Ahmad Saquib Sina
B.Sc. in Textile  Engineering (BUTex)
On Higher Study Leave,University of Minnesota,USA

Lecturer, Textile Engineering(Wet Processing Engg.)
Cell: (+880)-1789 555 190
Email: ahmadsina17@niter.edu.bd ,ahmadsina17@yahoo.com


Rifat-E-Nur Hossain
B.Sc. in  Mechanical Engineering, KUET.

Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Email: rifatenur8@niter.edu.bd ,rifatenur8@gmail.com


Umme Sara  Details
B.Sc. in CSE, Jahangirnagar  University.
M.Sc. in CSE, Jahangirnagar  University.

Lecturer, Computer Science and Engineering.
Cell: (+880)-1674668366


Md. Abubakar Siddik
B.Sc. in Textile Engg. (BUTex).
M.Sc. in Textile Engg.(cont-BUTex).

Lecturer, Textile Engineering(Fabric Manufacturing Engg.).
Cell: (+880)-01726360463
Email:abu_bakar@niter.edu.bd , abu_bakar_tex01@yahoo.com


A.K.M Monjurul Haque Details
B.Sc. in Textile Engg. (BUTex).
M.Sc. in Textile Engg. (BUTex).
MS. in Renewable Energy Tech.(DU).
MBA (Ahsanullah University)

Lecturer,Textile Engineering(Yarn Manufacturing Engg.)
Cell: (+880)-1711050595
Email:monjurulhaque01@niter.edu.bd ,monjurulhaque01@gmail.com


Fahmeda Zarin
M.A. in applied linguistics and ELT.(DU)
B.A. in English. (DU)

Lecturer, English
Email:zarin0501@niter.edu.bd , zarin0501@gmail.com


Jahid Sarkar Details
B.Sc.  in Textile  Engg. (BUTex)
M.Sc. in Textile Engg.(cont-BUTex)

Lecturer, Textile Engineering(Fabric Manufacturing Engg.)


Mamun EEE

Md. Mamun Ur Rashid Details
MS. in Telecommunication Engineering (University of Trento, Italy)
B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.(DUET)

Lecturer, Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
Cell: (+880)-1912351741
Email:mamun@niter.edu.bd, mamun.rashid.duet@gmail.com


Nurunnabi Details
M.Sc in Textile Engineering(cont-DUET)
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering(DUET)

Lecturer, Textile Engineering(Fabric manufacturing Engg.) Cell:(+880)-1913937588,1718937588
Email:duetnurunnabi@niter.edu.bd ,duetnurunnabi@rocketmail.com


Md. Shamsuddin Kayes Chowdhury Details
M.Sc in Textile Engineering (cont-Mawlana Bhasani Science & Technology University,Tangail)
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (Dhaka University)

Lecturer, Textile Engineering(Apparel Manufacturing Engg.)


Md Abul Hasan Shibly
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering(DUET)

MBA in Textiles (BUTex)

Lecturer, Textile Engineering(Apparel manufacturing Engg.)
Cell:(+880)-01819-898 543


Taieba Tuba Rahman
B.Sc. in Industrial and Production Engineering(KUET)

Lecturer,Industrial and Production Engineering


Mahamudul Hassan
B.Sc. in Industrial and Production Engineering(KUET)

Lecturer,Industrial and Production Engineering


Nazim Uddin

BBA in Accounting & Information Systems (DU)
MBA in Accounting & Information Systems(DU)



Md Anisur Rahman 
B.Sc in Industrial and Production Engineering(BUET) 

Lecturer,Industrial and Production Engineering(IPE)


Rony Mia 
B.Sc in Textile Engineering(DU) 

Lecturer,Textile Engineering(Department of Wet Process Engineering .)


H.M.Shahadat Ali

M.Sc in Applied Mathematics (Rajshahi University )

B.Sc in Applied Mathematics ( Rajshahi University)



A.B.M Nurullah

MSS. Sociology(Dhaka University )

BSS. Sociology ( Dhaka University)

Email: nurullah407_du@yahoo.com


Sadikur Rahman
B.Sc in Textile Engineering (DU)

M.Sc. in Textile Engg.(cont-BUTex)

Lecturer, Yarn Engineering(Yarn Manufacturing Engg .)
Email: pathan.sourov@yahoo.com,sadikur.rahman@niter.edu.bd


Muzzakkir Amin
B.Sc in Physics, Jahangirnagar University. 

M.Sc. in Physics ,Jahangirnagar University.

Lecturer, in Physics.
Email: muzzakkir121@gmail.com


Md. Ikramul Islam
B.Sc  in Textile  Engineering (BUTex)
M.Sc  in Textile  Engineering (Cont-BUTex)

Lecturer, Textile Engineering (Yarn Manufacturing)


Md. Suruj-Zaman

M.Sc in Textile Engineering (Cont-DUET)

B.Sc in Textile Engineering (DUET)

Lecturer(Apparel Manufacturing Engineering)

E-mail: surujduet@gmail.com

Phone Number: 01735 596529


Burhan Uddin Banna

B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (DU)

Lecturer(Textile Engineering (Dept. of Wet Processing Engineering))

Cell: (+880)-01750-698915


Nusrat Jahan Ruma
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (BUTex)
Lecturer(Textile Engineering (Dept. of Yarn Manufacturing))

Cell: (+880)-01878695248,01554040625
Email: rumabutex@gmail.com

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