Principal NITER greeted Dhaka University Vice Chancellor on January 01,2018
Principal NITER greeted Dhaka University Vice Chancellor on January 01,2018
Principal NITER greeted Dhaka University Vice Chancellor on January 01,2018
Principal NITER greeted Dhaka University Vice Chancellor on January 01,2018
Chief Guest AAMS Arefin Siddique,Vice Chancellor,University of Dhaka,deliverating speech at Freshers Reception -2016 at NITER
Freshers Reception -2016 at NITER,Presided by Mr.Tapan Chowdhury,President, BTMA,Managing Director-Square Group
Students are receiving Md. Fazlul Hoque,Vice-President, BTMA,Freshers Reception -2016 at NITER
A Fleet of Merit and Confidence with the oath: "Build up thyself, Build up Country"
Knitting Lab with Industry Scale Machinery
Full Industry Scale Laboratory setup with latest technologies
Meeting of the Governing Body of NITER with the honourable Vice Chancellor of the University of Dhaka
Orientation Program 2016-17
Bosonto Boron-Pitha Utsab and Annual Sports Inauguration -2017



You are now at your turning point and you are going to make a decision which is perhaps the most more



Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) is the national trade organization of primary more



Public Private Partnership

The Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) is a national policy initiated to accelerate the subsector’s growth to more

Developing Banana Fibre (NITER + Prabartana)

NITER is now working with National Performance Cluster project on banana fiber aiming to introduce and develop banana fiber in textile applications. Banana fiber, which is actually a leaf fiber, extracted from pseudo-stem of banana tree. Though application of these banana fibers in textile sector is totally a new idea in our country but it has been in practice for several decades in other countries like India, Nepal, and Philippines etc. In our country, every year banana is cultivated in thousands of hectors of land. After collecting banana, rest of the plant becomes wastage. Disposal of these wastage become difficult due to fibrous materials which remains in   the pseudo-stem of these trees. If these fibers could be extracted from the pseudo-stem then the wastage disposal would be easier which is again a good source of fertilizer for the farmers. Moreover, banana fiber, which has an excellent strength and durability, can be applied to diversified textile products. 

To materialize this potential idea, UNIDO is coordinating NITER-Prabartana cluster project, where NITER is providing technical support like assessing physical and chemical properties of banana fiber, economic process development, product development and diversification, SWOT analysis, market research etc.


I firmly believe that the education and training programme offered by NITER will definitely meet the need and help enhance the overall productivity, improve the quality of products and raise efficiency in overall management of the textile sector.

 Mr. Tapan Chowdhury
 President, BTMA


We endeavor to equip our graduates with both technical knowledge and skills so that they may contribute to the industry, while achieving excellence as professionals.



Professor Dr. Mohammed Mizanur Rahman 

                                   Principal. NITER


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